How to Help

2020 vision

As Imani CONTINUES TO RECOVER FROM the FIRE impact, she asks you to help with the vision for HOUSA 2020.

Please feel free to use this form or contact her directly through email.

Let Imani know what you would like to see happen at HOUSA 2020. All ideas welcome with gratitude for the support of the HandPan Community.

HangOut, USA is an opportunity for players, builders, and enthusiasts of the handpan to deepen their knowledge and experience of this instrument and its global family. We gather to share our stories, talent, experience and most of all, our love for this beautiful and inspiring art form.

2018 Photos by Sasha

Thank you to Sasha of Slightly Removed Photography, who gives you a glimpse of 2018.

Our deepest gratitude to the following makers who have brought instruments for our lottery in past years.