In Memory of Dante Bucci


dante.4HangOut, USA and the entire handpan community is deeply saddened by the loss of a great handpan artist, Dante Bucci. His creative spirit will be deeply missed. Our love extends to his family, friends and fans in this time of loss.

Our handpan family lost a brother today (Dante Bucci). I know everybody in the family is beside themselves with this tragic loss.” -Mama Mojo

Dante Bucci at HOUSA 2014

“He was the master of unique and unusual instruments,” remembers Philly singer-songwriter Mutlu Onaral, with whom Bucci regularly collaborated. “He could take anything, mess around with it, and in a half hour make it groove and sound good. That really manifested itself with the hang drum. He took it to an incredible level, what he was able to do with it.” (from Remembering Dante Bucci: A unique voice in Philadelphia music on

Dante Bucci playing a saw at HOUSA 2014.

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