HOUSA 2016
Workshops & Presenters

*This list subject to change

Players Panel Discussion with Q & A

Builders Panel Discussion with Q & A

Tone Field Jams

Funk and Flow

David Kuckhermann


Adam Maalouf:
Indian Rhythm and Vocalization

Jacob Cole:
Vertical Style Handpan Technique

Mz. Imani:
Handpan, Ceremony, and the Divine Feminine

Peter Levitov & Maxime Le Royer:
Beginner Handpan

Judith Lerner:
Musical Conversations – Delight in the Exquisite Exchange That Comes From Expanding Capacities in Distinctions of Mindful Improvisation

Stevan Morris:
Adding Flavor to the Groove

Aaron Marsala & Peter Levitov:
Notation and the Practice of Practice

Alexis Holland:
Open Up Your Voice with the Pan