Archer & Tripp

Samantha Archer (25, England) and Jaron Tripp (29, Germany) first met at the HangoutUK 2014.
Since realising their similar approach and understanding of music as well
as a passion for travel, it was inevitable to go on a journey together.

Samantha’s classical training in piano, clarinet and vocals provides the foundations to the way she articulates her music on the handpan.
Her melodic virtuosity makes her touch on the handpan unique.
Jaron’s development as a musician is driven by the grounding power of rhythm. When starting to play the Hang in early 2006, the freedom of no tradition matched perfectly with his approach to music.
Since studying complex rhythmical structures in a meditative way, while becoming a Taketina teacher in 2012, Jaron’s deep understanding of rhythm and pulse blends distinctively with Samantha’s melodic, harmonic and expressive voice.

While being on the road, travelling with a ‘limited number’ of instruments
such as 4 Handpans, Clarinet, Whistles, Berimbau and a diverse range of percussion, they are refining their fusion of ‘Hang music’.

Their recently recorded album ‘Ko A La Ta Ki’, originating from their travels in Australia, was released in the States in early May.