HOUSA Photos 2018 – by Sasha

Click an image to open gallery view and then use arrows to browse enlarged photos as a slideshow. Thank you to Sasha of Slightly Removed Photography.

Benny Bettane

Performer/Guest Teacher/Immersion Facilitator Benny Bettane is an Australian Handpan player, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He is an international solo performer based in Italy, with performances spanning predominantly Europe and North America. Benny is known for creating his own distinct style of composition and groove, combined with his melodic approach. He explores the creative bounds of his …

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David Charrier

David Charrier is a french handpan player, who discovered the Hang and the Handpan in 2004. His passion for the study of these instruments, combined with his desire to create and experience great encounters have allowed him to travel and to share his music throughout the world. Whether solo, as a duo, or with a …

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Emma Mumi Grassia

Performer/Guest Teacher/Immersion Facilitator I was born in Milan, in a lovely family that gave me the chance to get closer to the music world since I was a child. I’ve started to play piano when I was five and I kept playing and studying it until now. When I was a teenager I started to …

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2016 HOUSA Photos

Evoke Emotion Photography Click an image to open gallery view and then use arrows to browse enlarged photos as a slideshow.  

2015 HOUSA Photos


Archer & Tripp

Samantha Archer (25, England) and Jaron Tripp (29, Germany) first met at the HangoutUK 2014. Since realising their similar approach and understanding of music as well as a passion for travel, it was inevitable to go on a journey together. Samantha’s classical training in piano, clarinet and vocals provides the foundations to the way she …

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House Concert

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HOUSA 2016 Waiver

By Registering for HangOut, USA, (HOUSA) I accept the following Terms and Conditions:  I accept responsibility for myself and my instruments – I agree to Hold Harmless the organizers and participants of HOUSA. I understand that the Lottery System and “Swap or Sell” are the only sales that are supported by HOUSA. I understand that …

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2015 HOUSA Waiver

Participant, do hereby release Housa Festival 2015,  everyone on the HOUSA Festival Staff and Production crew, Panthecary Project, LLC, Camp Hope and the Camp Hope staff and owners from any responsibility for injury or illness; physical, mental or emotional, that may occur while participating in the activities that are offered at HOUSA 2015.  I waive my right to receive …

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Children’s Program

We love our little people and are providing light programming and facilitation for the children. If there are lots of kids coming, we will bring someone in to lead the childrens program. At this point, we supply some games and art supplies, and a willingness to help out. Parent participation will be necessary to make this a …

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HOUSA Handpan Concert

MONDAY JUNE 16th 7:30pm $10 @ the door This may be the largest gathering of Handpan players for a concert, in the WErld. (No Joke!) Asheville is home to a growing community that surrounds this instrument, and HangOut, USA (HOUSA) a gathering that brings musicians from around the WErld.. HOUSA Handpan Concert promises to leave …

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Lauri Wuolio

Lauri Wuolio is a Helsinki-based sound artist and a street musician. His solo performances consist of improvised rhythmic textures, where the concepts of a song and linear time are not of much use. Intertwining patterns and themes transform and mutate into long meditative passages that celebrate both repetition and change. Wuolio also performs as Kumea Sound.

Bright Hawk

Bright Hawk is an inspired and inspiring musician and storyteller, sharing her gifts (around the world) for more than twenty years to the delight of all. Her playful spirit and intense passion come through in her amazing djembe playing and teaching, the motivational stories she tells, in addition to the exquisite music of the Hang PanArt instrument. Bright Hawk’s …

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Gabriel Gold

Gabriel Gold, described to have “The voice of an Angel; familiar of the voices of Jonsi (Sigur Ros), Tom Kenyon and David Hykes” is a multi­instrumentalist, composer, sound healer and teacher of singing as meditation and vocal improvisation; having studied at the Shamanic Institute of Ireland and at the Globe Institute of Sound Healing, CA. …

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Jonathan Heaven

Jonathan is an enthusiast of hand played, harmonically tuned sheet steel instruments. Ever since being captured by the sounds of singing steel, all his decisions and movement through this life revolve around it. Since it became the focus for him on his journeys, he has traveled to meet a large portion of the players and …

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