HOUSA Photos 2018 – by Sasha

Click an image to open gallery view and then use arrows to browse enlarged photos as a slideshow. Thank you to Sasha of Slightly Removed Photography.

Benny Bettane

Performer/Guest Teacher/Immersion Facilitator Benny Bettane is an Australian Handpan player, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He is an international solo performer based in Italy, with performances spanning predominantly Europe and North America. Benny is known for creating his own distinct style of composition and groove, combined with his melodic approach. He explores the creative bounds of his …

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Emma Mumi Grassia

Performer/Guest Teacher/Immersion Facilitator I was born in Milan, in a lovely family that gave me the chance to get closer to the music world since I was a child. I’ve started to play piano when I was five and I kept playing and studying it until now. When I was a teenager I started to …

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