Emma Mumi Grassia

Performer/Guest Teacher/Immersion Facilitator

I was born in Milan, in a lovely family that gave me the chance to get closer to the music world since I was a child. I’ve started to play piano when I was five and I kept playing and studying it until now. When I was a teenager I started to be interested about singing and playing guitar, so in those years I’ve started to study opera singing, guitar and bass. I’ve spent my life with instruments and music, but my life somehow drastically changed when I’ve seen, for the very first time, the handpan. Sometimes it happen, to fall in love. It usually happens with people, but that day it happened with this beautiful instrument and I felt it had to be part of my life. From that day started the journey with my beloved handpans, becoming a player and a teacher. I play as a soloist and in the project with Jacky 0, electronic producer from Milan.