Colin Foulke

For the last 7 years, Colin Foulke has dedicated his life to handpans. After discovering them in early 2007 he was set on a course of musical discovery. From Germany to Russia, England to Canada, Northern California to North Carolina, Colin has traveled the world playing, performing, and sharing his love for this new and exciting musical instrument.

Colin has performed at both the HangoutUK in England and Handpangea in North Carolina, the world’s two biggest handpan gatherings. Most notably he has performed with Davide Swarup and Randy Granger and opened shows with Dante Bucci. This year Colin is fully embodying HangOut! as he is taking a break from teaching and performing. Keep your ears open, as we are told he will sit in at one of the open mics.

Along with performing, Colin runs workshops on Handpan techniques, teaches online handpan lessons, and has released a Handpan tutorial DVD. For the last two years, he has spent his summers working as the Music Director at The Painted Turtle, ‘a camp for children with serious medical conditions and their families, a unique camp experience designed to foster personal growth and exploration.’