Ecstactic Dance Saturday Night
burgin NataDas
NataDas on stage
NataDas acknowledges the movements of live dancers as the literal written music we all follow when we create music together. We as musicians are Servants of Dance and offer our musical skill and passion to co-create an Ecstatic experience for every one present. Musicians and dancers sharing intentions and connection on this level is what we try to offer as a group. It is possible for Musicians and Dancers to get very far along the path to ecstasy in a solo state. In our opinion everyone gets a little farther when we share this practice together, with intention.

NataDas is a open membership band that has been in Asheville since 2014. We are musicians who observe, support, and hold space for the connected space between dancers and musicians during a live dance/music event. There are 26 members in the entire group as of 2018. Some times we arrive as three players, some times we are 8 players. It all depends on the needs of each dance. When there is space for many dancers and a big stage we like to have 7 to 10 musicians present. We keep it loose on stage for the most part. There has never been two dances with the same musician line up (except for the trio) to date. Our hope is that this practice of live music ecstatic dance spreads as it is one great way to connect a community with no words.