Gabriel Gold

Gabriel Gold, described to have “The voice of an Angel; familiar of the voices of Jonsi (Sigur Ros), Tom Kenyon and David Hykes” is a multi­instrumentalist, composer, sound healer and teacher of singing as meditation and vocal improvisation; having studied at the Shamanic Institute of Ireland and at the Globe Institute of Sound Healing, CA.

smallgracehalo(closed)Voice and Handpan are the heart and soul of his current performance, described as “Entrancing, Mystical and Outer­worldly”, his Handpan playing having been further described as “Progressive; ranging from gentle and reflective to dynamic and powerful, often within the same composition, yet always flowing with a water­ like character.”.

In his work leading singing/toning circles and workshops; from facilitating the longest running, weekly singing/toning circle in San Francisco over 3 years and counting, to hosting monthly sound healing concert/workshops, frequently featuring top international facilitators and healers, Gabriel has personally supported over a thousand people on the journey of developing a fulfilling relationship to their singing voices and through such a deeper spiritual connection.

As a composer Gabriel has written the musical scores for two short films and a feature film and since coming across the Halo in 2010 has been led to explore music for dance, yoga and meditation, having since composed the musical scores for three feature ballets and an internationally acclaimed Yoga DVD.

As a musician Gabriel has toured through much of the USA, Europe and Australia; performing in churches, cathedrals and other sacred resonant spaces, as well as facilitating ceremonies, teaching sound healing and leading drum making workshops.

When at home in San Francisco, CA, he performs regularly at Grace Cathedral as a resident musician and in other sacred and acoustically resonant venues throughout the Bay Area.

Gabriel just released a brand new CD called “Halo”, which has grown out of recordings of Halo and voice in sacred resonant spaces he has pilgrimaged to over the past two years, including many ancient churches along El Camino de Santiago in Spain, Chartres Cathedral in France, the Wombeyan Caves in Australia and sacred neolithic sites throughout Ireland.

To hear his recordings and to keep up with upcoming events and tours, check out his website @