Carlos Rodrigues aka Kabeção is a Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, composer, street buzker, sound healer, and instrument maker, who creates his own unique aproach to music and sound. Kabeção works in direction of ethnic fusion, contemporany and world fusion.

Kabecao RodriquezStarted very young with percussion and rhythms, and then adding other types of instruments, from strings to woodwinds, and all that playability comes from the simple exploration of sound. Self-taught always he was amassing influences from different parts of the world, Africa, India, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, France, Australia. Kabeção elaborates the unique playing technique on each of his instruments, playing and exploring instruments like drums, darbuca, udus, tablas, djambe, frame drums, cajon, berimbau, bansuri, sansula, tibetan bowls, gongs, didgeridoo, guitar, Hang / Handpan . And the latter instrument, the Hang, in 2012 he began building and studying intensively in order to share with others what he achieved by touching it.

Since 2008 it has been part of projects such as Tribolados (reggea/ska), Hikari (drum n’bass/jungle/bossa nova), T3ka ( Acustic Trance) and currently continues to play with two other projects Gapura (Klezmer/world jazz) and Khayalan Trio (etnic/contamporany/world music).
Launched in 2011 his first solo EP “High Gain Natural Awakening”, and recently (Mars of 2014) launched his first album “Cosmic Seed”, an album that brings together much of the work he has done in recent years.