HOUSA 2016 Waiver

By Registering for HangOut, USA, (HOUSA) I accept the following Terms and Conditions: 

  • I accept responsibility for myself and my instruments – I agree to Hold Harmless the organizers and participants of HOUSA.
  • I understand that the Lottery System and “Swap or Sell” are the only sales that are supported by HOUSA.
  • I understand that HOUSA Organizers reserve the right to refuse registration, or ask me to leave the gathering (without refund) if my behavior is disruptive or abusive.
  • I understand that HOUSA Opens at NOON on Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 and Ends on Monday June 27th, 2016 at 11am.
  • I understand that HOUSA is a drug and alcohol free event.

Liability Waiver

I agree as a HOUSA Festival 2016 Participant, that I do hereby release HOUSA Festival 2016, the HOUSA Festival Staff and Production crew, Panthecary Project, LLC, Lake Eden  staff and owners from any responsibility for injury or illness; whether physical, mental or emotional, that may occur while participating in the activities that are offered at HOUSA 2016.  I waive my right to receive monetary compensation from all sponsors of the HOUSA Festival 2016 and the above-mentioned entities in the case of accident or injury. I accept full responsibility for my actions and for any injuries that may occur while participating in said event, while using their facilities or equipment, and/or while being transported in their vehicles. I acknowledge the risks associated with attending HOUSA Festival 2016, and agree that I attend voluntarily.  I assume all risk of injury, and take full financial responsibility upon myself or my insurer for any injury arising out of any unfortunate circumstances associated with HOUSA Festival 2016 and the activities of any other participants.