Mz. imani

Mz. imani, who has been dubbed MamaMojo, is a ceremonial musician who instigates, as she facilitates, performs or teaches. She is a spiritual activist and a New WErld Alchemist.

Having trained with many traditional and new world ceremonialists, Mz. imani shares a grounded approach that resides in our common language of rhythm, movement and song. She is a Co-Producer of HOUSA.

She holds the heART of Humanity, with open hands and wings, seeing what is possible and that we are poised for flight. She offers perspectives, and asks questions to identify tools, potential and ways to reKINdle our personal creative spark! She inspires us to tend to our own and our collective SoulFire, by tending to the rhythm of life, while activating and instigating a playful and shamanic ceremonial experience for each person who shows up to do the WErk.

Offering a unique style of fire circle facilitation, she was given the drum by Baba Olatunji, and he left her with some response-abilities to continue inviting the people to return to the drum.