Tone Field Jam Sessions

Our focus with the Tone Field Jam Sessions is to support listening and collaborative musical and group interactions. These sessions and spaces are dedicated playing areas, with each session having a unique environment. Here we invite you to bring your instruments and be present with what is being explored.

HOUSA_web (25 of 78)1: The Tone Field Jams provide a kinesthetic deepening of the awareness of harmony (and subtly discourages cacophony)

2: The Tone Fields are a direct invitation for people to move around the gathering to have various experiences based on the sonic “mood” (kinda like a wandering feast…but the musicians (and listeners) are the wanderers.)

3. By utilizing the Tone Field model, we hope to introduce and incorporate our underlying philosophy that these instruments are a reflection of life itself.

As this genre grows, we choose to show up to support, remember and instigate a smooth transition to the new people who are coming home to their heART. Our goal is to assist them in understanding the depth of value that is found and placed within and upon these instruments, and their relationship to this particular stage of human evolution, as well as that of tuned steel itself.  We will hold space for continued involvement on a conscious level with those who are the elders of the genre, and those who have yet to meet it. From the ones who reflect the subtlety of this instrument.

HALOThere is no dogma here, these instruments are teachers. It can be said our world is calling for ceremony, song, music, play, prayer, clean up.  We invite you to consider this as we gather and HangOut. We are each a Tone Field and none of us operates independently of one another, as in our instruments, we are an integrated “family of sound” that must have the balance of tension and ease built in, and worked out for the instrument and community to sing harmoniously.

Our Community is a reflection of the vision that we each see, woven together. The Tone Field Jam Sessions, are a core part of our gathering, intended as a platform to assist us in bringing forward the subtle to the practical ways this instrument can be played.